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We are a small farm that specializes in raising standard sized Registered Jersey dairy cattle for the family milk cow.
All of our girls are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and genomic tested. We focus our program on great temperments coupled with moderate milk and high butterfat. All of our girls have phenomenal temperaments, can be milked only once per day and thrive on native grass pasture with little to no grain in their diets.
Whether living on 3 acres or 3000 acres, the Registered Jersey cow is the perfect solution.
Having your own dairy cow is easy!
If you have always toyed with the idea of fresh milk, home-made butter, real cream, fresh mozzarella and cheese but thought that getting a dairy cow was just out of the question, you are in for a surprise as it is SO easy and relaxing. 

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Libby Milroy and Ron Green DVM
2242 South Crane View Road
North Platte, Nebraska 69101
308-534-3659 days/evenings  308-530-2964 Libby's cell
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6 KuneKune piglets born - 1 gilt and 3 boarlings for sale!

We focus on great temperaments, grazing ability and high percentage butterfat!
We also test for all of our girls for the A2 protein