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Mini Silky Fainting Goats

The Mini Silkies

Mini Silky Fainting goats are a wonderful combination of Nigerian Dwarf and Tennessee Fainting Goats. This is a relatively new breed started in the 2000. This breed is not required to faint but most do. The smaller size and long silky coats are what the standard is looking for. They are much more easy-going and laid back than the Nigerians and actually easy to keep. They do need a "Spa Day" in early spring to remove the cashmere fluff that they have grown during the winter months. With a brush and a little hair product, it is a quick bonding time for you are your goat. They are great mothers, easy to have around and are not as athletic as the Nigerians so containment is not as much of an issue.  

MCH Full Circle Soul To Squeeze

MSFGA Reg#: 8612 

Birth Date : 3/4/2020

Color: Chocolate and white

DNA on file



        GrSire: MCH Flying J Pype Dream

Sire: MCH Flying J Absolute

        GrDam: MCH Flyin g J Dew Drop

        GrSire: MCH Flying J Fainter's Musket

Dam: Forest Hill Fainter's Magnolia

        GrDam: Flying J Fainter's Midori

Flying    J 

MSFGA Reg#: 

Birth Date : 


MCH Secret Passsion X Danger Zone2.JPG



Sire: Flying J Danger Zone


        GrSire: B

Dam: MCH Flying J Secret Passion


Hootnanny Acres Griffen

MSFGA Reg#: 10823 

Birth Date : 4/24/2022

Color: White, Little Black, Blue Eyes

DNA on file



        GrSire: MCH Hootnanny Acres Chisholm

Sire: MCH Hootnanny Acres Chuckwagon

        GrDam: Hootnanny Acres Lindy

        GrSire: Bells Goats Moxin

Dam: Hootnanny Acres Fallyn

        GrDam: Hootnanny Acres Frannie

Stone Man Farm Remington Steel

MSFGA Reg#: 11918

Birth Date : 1/27/2023

Color: Silver, Some White

DNA pending



        GrSire: MCH 5MM Mr. Perfect

Sire: Just Kiddin Around Lexington

        GrDam: Just Kiddin Around Laura

        GrSire: Bells Goats Moxin

Dam: Bells Goats Anastasia

        GrDam: Cozy Acres Alexa

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