Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 per animal

Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is placed.


We are proud to raise registered purebred Jerseys.

Only with purebreds can you have predicatable traits.

We don't believe in "Minis" which are crossed with many other breeds.

You should be able to trace back at least 5 generations to determine that you have a purebred Jersey. 


All of our girls are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and DNA/genomic tested and are 100% Jersey blood. We focus our breeding program on great temperments coupled with high butterfat and once a day milking.

All of our girls get to raise their own calves, they are only milked once a day and they spend 100% of their day on 100 acres of native grass pasture with no grain in their diets. If you would like to hold an animal, a deposit must be placed.

We have A2 results on our entire herd. 

We test all of our herd members and every calf when they are born for BVD-PI.

We will pay for Brucellosis, Tuberculosis testing and provide the Health Certificate.

All other testing, if requested, is done at the cost of the buyer prior to purchase.

Updated  11/16/2019

Butterfat % is based on DNA genomic testing

0.0 % is the "average" Jersey 


BRED Heifer                 A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Colton Glamour 3067

+.27% butterfat

Birth Date   11/9/2017             

AJCA Reg # 173154757

Great young heifer! Bred to an A2/A2 bull

For Sale: $2000 

due to calve in August


BRED Heifer                 A1/A2

DuckDawg Cottontail Bunny (2)

-.08% butterfat

Birth Date 5/1/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173345133

Great young heifer! Bred to an A2/A2 bull

For Sale: $1800 

due to calve in February

Brownie   #50

HEIFER CALF                       A2/A2

DuckDawg Creek Vic Brownie (3)

+.04% butterfat

Birth Date 09/1/2019             

AJCA Reg # 173813667

Brownie is a cute heifer, soon to be weaned and ready to go be a great family milk cow for your farm. 

For Sale: $1000 


BRED Heifer                A1/A2

Sunset Canyon R7R Veronica 3147

-.02 % butterfat

Birth Date 3/8/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173305395

Darling young heifer. Super friendly and bred to an A2/A2 bull. 

For Sale: $1800 

due to calve in February/March

Zipper   #46

HEIFER CALF                       A2/A2

DuckDawg Creek Zipper

+.03% butterfat

Birth Date 06/12/2019             

AJCA Reg # 173736142

Zipper is a cute heifer, weaned and  ready to go be a great family milk cow for your farm. She is out of one of my favorite cows, Zuma

For Sale: $1000 

Blue Jean

BRED Heifer                A2/A2

Duckdawg Blue Jean

+.14 % butterfat

Birth Date 6/26/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173402186

Blue Jean is a daughter of one of my favorite cows. Blue Jean is a little shy so will need some working with so she is priced a little lower.  

For Sale: $1500 

due to calve in February/March

Fantasy  #47

HEIFER CALF                       A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Viceroy Fantasy

+.01% butterfat

Birth Date 06/23/2019             

AJCA Reg # 173756119

Fantasy is a friendly calf that is weaned and ready to go to her new farm!

For Sale: $1000 

Dancer  #48

HEIFER CALF                       A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Dancer (2)

0.0% butterfat

Birth Date 07/09/2019             

AJCA Reg # 173761728

Dancer is a super friendly young calf that is weaned and ready to go to her new farm!

For Sale: $1000 

Holly    #49

HEIFER CALF                       A2/A2

Boyd-Lee Daz Holly

+.07% butterfat

Birth Date 08/07/2019             

AJCA Reg # 173785119

Holly is a cutie pie... still too young to wean but she will be ready by Thanksgiving time.

For Sale: $1000 



BRED  HEIFER                      A2/A2

Sunset Canyon 728 BMaid 3203

+.13% butterfat

Birth Date 06/02/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173371505

Mermaid is a wonderful heifer ready to become a family milk cow!100% chance of A2/A2 calf

For Sale: $2000 



BRED  HEIFER                      A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Mako Feef 3289

+.09% butterfat

Birth Date 09/14/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173487347

Flower is a super sweet, beautiful young heifer... just put in with the bull. 100% chance of A2/A2 calf

For Sale: $2000 


MILKING  HEIFER                      A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Memphis Blkshbrn 3

-.05% butterfat

Birth Date 2/5/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173267327

Blackberry is a super sweet, great first time mother. She has a beautiful udder with nice sized teats. She calved on 10/13/19 with an adorable bull calf. 

For Sale: $2000 -- $2500 with polled, registered bull calf


BRED  HEIFER                      A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Rite Anthem 3209

+.23% butterfat

Birth Date 6/7/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173389911

Banner is a sweet heifer bred to an A2/A2 bull for a 100% A2/A2 calf. Banner has a "wry" face which doesn't affect anything but her looks.

For Sale: $2000 

Due to calve Feb/March 2020

Bourbon   #15

BULL CALF  -- POLLED              A2/A2

DuckDawg Bourbon - P

-.01% butterfat

Birth Date 10/13/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173848403

Bourbon is an A2/A2 bull calf that has also been DNA tested as Polled (naturally without horns) He will make a great herd sire.

For Sale: $500 


BRED HEIFER                  A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Armada Nadine 3071

+.12% butterfat

Birth Date 11/16/2018             

AJCA Reg # 173167216

Espresso is a super sweet, lovely heifer that is bred to an A2/A2 bull 

For Sale: $1800 

Pasture RAISED

To Ensure the Best Herd!



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