Cute and Cuddley

We are just getting our start with this wonderful breed of cattle. 


All of our girls are registered with the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA) and DNA/genomic tested. We focus our breeding program on great temperaments and fun colors. We de-horn all our male calves so you don't have to worry about the horns!

All of our girls spend 100% of their day on 100 acres of native grass pasture with no grain in their diets. If you would like to hold an animal, a non-refundable deposit must be placed.

We will provide the Health Certificate.

All other testing, if requested, is done at the cost of the buyer prior to purchase.

Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 per animal

Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is placed.

Updated  4/15/2021

Calves and some cows will be available in spring of 2021

All of our Highlands are DNA tested

Aida and her Dun Bull Calf

$2500.00 as a pair 

Aida calved easily with a stout dun bull calf on 4/11/21. She is very polite and easy going. 

Bennachie's Aida (D)

AHCA Reg#:  59000

Birth Date: 8/1/2017

Color: Yellow


        GrSire: Dirigo Forceful (ET, D) 

Sire: Windemere Barron (AI,D)

        GrDam: Windemere Xanthia (AI, D) 

        GrSire: GH Patton (D)

Dam: Bennachie's Andee (D)

        GrDam: Bennachie's Andrea (D)


Available after she calves in 2021 

Tame and loves to eat treats out of your hand. 

Bennachie's Little Tess (D)

AHCA Reg#:  59890

Birth Date: 4/23/2018

Color: Dun


        GrSire: LEA Haaken (D) 

Sire: LEA Lukas (D) 

        GrDam: LEA Daupnine 

        GrSire: Bennachie's Huntly 

Dam: Bennachie's Tess 

        GrDam: LEA Tesla 



Bennachie's Zelda (D)

AHCA Reg#:  59001

Birth Date: 9/5/2017

Color: Red Brindle


        GrSire: Dirigo Forceful (ET, D) 

Sire: Windemere Barron (AI,D)

        GrDam: Windemere Xanthia (AI, D) 

        GrSire: Bennachie's Huntly(AI,D)

Dam: Bennachie's Zoey (D)

        GrDam: LEA Zoa

Rita and her Silver Bull Calf


Rita calved easily with a gorgeous silver bull calf on 4/11/21. She is a good mother and easy going.

Bennachie's Little Rita (D)

AHCA Reg#:  59889

Birth Date: 4/20/2018

Color: Dun

$2500.00 as a pair


        GrSire: GH Patton (D)

Sire: Bennachie's MacArthur (D)

        GrDam: Bennachie's Pudding (D)

        GrSire: LEA Baylie (D)

Dam: Bennachie's Rita (D)

        GrDam: Bennachie's Margarita



Fantastic pet! Clyde is already castrated and ready to be your best friend. He is a purebred and Yellow.  His mother rejected him as a baby so he is nursing off the Jerseys. He is also learning to walk on a lead at a young age. SO cute!

Pasture RAISED

To Ensure the Best Herd!



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