Cute and Cuddley

We are just getting our start with this wonderful breed of cattle. 


All of our girls are registered with the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA) and DNA/genomic tested. We focus our breeding program on great temperaments and fun colors. We de-horn all our male calves so you don't have to worry about the horns!

All of our girls spend 100% of their day on 100 acres of native grass pasture with no grain in their diets. If you would like to hold an animal, a non-refundable deposit must be placed.

We will provide the Health Certificate.

All other testing, if requested, is done at the cost of the buyer prior to purchase.

Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 per animal

Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is placed.

Updated  5/20/2021

Some cows will be available in spring of 2021 and bull calves will be available in the Fall of 2021 after they are weaned. 

We DNA test and register all of our Highlands


Available after she calves in 2021 

Tame and loves to eat treats out of your hand. 

186 purple.jpg

Bennachie's Little Tess (D)

AHCA Reg#:  59890

Birth Date: 4/23/2018

Color: Dun


        GrSire: LEA Haaken (D) 

Sire: LEA Lukas (D) 

        GrDam: LEA Daupnine 

        GrSire: Bennachie's Huntly 

Dam: Bennachie's Tess 

        GrDam: LEA Tesla 


Rita and her Silver Bull Calf


Rita calved easily with a gorgeous silver bull calf on 4/11/21. She is a good mother and easy going.

$2500.00 as a pair



Fantastic pet! Graeme is already castrated and ready to be your best friend. He is a purebred and Yellow.  His mother rejected him as a baby so he is living with and nursing off my Jersey girls. He is also learning to walk on a lead at a young age. SO cute!

Pasture RAISED

To Ensure the Best Herd!