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The Kunekune Pig (pronounced "cooney cooney") is one of the smallest breeds of pigs. It was developed by the first people of New Zealand.  The KuneKune pigs were near extinction in their homeland until two animal preservationists worked to develop a sustainable herd and thus saved the breed from extinction in the 1970s.  The Kunekune Pig is finding a serious niche market for small farms, in sustainable farming systems, for permaculture, and with chefs. 

Adult Kunes- still growing in their third to fourth year - are small in stature with gilts/sows weighing as little as 100 pounds and up to approximately 185 pounds.  Boars are heavier being that they develop "armor" as a secondary sex characteristic and, like most males in the species, are generally larger than females.  Boars can get up to 200 pounds and more, but a boar weighing 250 is considered to be on the high end. In the past, many pig breeds were "wattled" or "tasseled" with fleshy appendages hanging from the lower jaw near the neck, but this characteristic is considered to be very rare in the present day.  Kunekunes are a wattled breed, but many purebred Kunekunes do not have wattles and some have only one. 

The most notable attribute of the Kunekune Pig is that their temperament is very docile. Boars are generally very gentle and amenable to keepers, sows, and piglets. Boars quickly resolve their power struggle with each other and can be housed together in small or large groups. Sows have strong mothering tendencies without aggression toward handlers.  Squealing piglets may concern sows, however, they  will "call" to the distressed piglet rather than become protective in an aggressive manner. 

Kunekunes make great pasture pigs being unique in their ability to graze and do well on grass with little needed in the way of supplementation. Their short, upturned snout speaks to their ability to graze and to the fact that they are not prone to root. They also do not challenge fences so they are easier to confine than commercial pigs. There is a niche market for "grass fed", "pasture raised", "free ranging" pork. The Kunekune Pigs have fabulous well-marbled meat which insures a viable future for this small, heritage breed. The pigs have many additional uses within the sustainable systems of small farms, for educational farms, and in agritourism.

Because KuneKunes already have the BEST temperaments, we have to focus our breeding program on  other things... So we have selected to breed KuneKunes that are more to the original size. Many breeders in the USA are trying to make the KuneKune bigger and bigger and breeding them so they weigh much more than the original imports. One of the reasons we selected this breed in the first place was because of their size. Perfect for the homesteader and not so intimidating to women and children.  We also like pigs that don't root so that is another trait we are looking at in our breeding program so our pigs have shorter snouts than some you will find.  Color is also a fun bonus to this breed so we love to mix it up and produce all colors that are available.


Color: Cream   

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: Barton Hill Sally XVIII

Reg #: AKBA 0597

Date Of Birth 4/29/2011



Sire: Kinecroft Te Whangi III

Dam: Boasley Sally IX

Duchess Kate

Kate is the epitome of a matriarch. She is the queen of the herd without being mean or bossy. She is really a special, special pig. Every pig in the USA that has the bloodline "Sally" in her pedigree started with this elegant pig. 

Color: Brown | White    

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: DDC Tarutaru 4

Reg#: AKPR 14189

Date of Birth 9/17/2019



Sire: DDC Ru 5 -- Pugsley

Dam: TFF Tarutaru 5 -- Tallulah


Color: Ginger | Black    

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: VAK BH Rebecca Gina 2

Reg#: AKPR 4912

Date of Birth 5/16/2014



Sire: BVF Andrew 8 -- Sampson

Dam: GMF BH Rebecca Gina 3 -- Chris-See


Ravella is a big girl...a little too big for my program but  time will tell if she gets to stay here but looking forward to working with her. 

Color: Black | White

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: SMK Kereopa 6 

Reg#: AKPR 9102

Date of Birth 5/19/2018



Sire:  Barton Hill Ru 40 -- Barclay

Dam: CAM Kereopa 6 -- Gisella


GiGi is another perfect example in my book. Nothing to improve on with this girl... perfect in every way.

Color: Ginger | White  High % White

Wattles : 0

Reg Name: DDC TaruTaru 2 

Reg#: AKPR 14096

Date of Birth 9/7/2019



Sire:  USA Tonganui 20 -- Tuxedo

Dam: SMK Tarutaru 4 -- Charleigh


Color: Brown | White   

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: DDC Sally 8

Reg#: AKPR 9846

Date of Birth 9/10/2018



Sire: Barton Hill Ru 45 -- Middleton

Dam: Barton Hill Sally XVIII -- Duchess Kate


Color: Brown Agouti

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: CAM Aria Giana 3  

Reg#: AKPR 9117

Date of Birth 7/12/2018



Sire:  DWF Tuahuru 7 -- Demetrius

Dam: USA Aria Giana 28 -- Clementine

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is adorable. She has a dream personality and makes me smile every time I see her. 

Color: Brown | White  - High % White

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: TFF Tapeka 18

Reg#: AKPR 8873

Date of Birth 2/11/2018



Sire:  NZ  Whakanui 1 -- Cedric

Dam: NZ Tapeka 1 -- Olly 


Snowflake is a wonderful example of what I think a KuneKune should look like. Not too big, not too flat, not too long. Just perfect. She is wonderful girl that gets along with all the pigs.

Color: White/ Brown High % White

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: DDC Tapeka 4

Reg#: AKPR 13539

Date of Birth - 8/14/2019



Sire: USA Tonganui 20 - Tuxedo

Dam: TFF Tapeka 18 -- Snowflake


Color: Cream

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: HARP Awakino 3

Reg#: AKPR 11338

Date of Birth - 3/3/2019



Sire: CreekSide Farm Mahia Love 2 - Pudge

Dam: Rushberry Awakino VI -- Pippa


Color: White | Brown   

Wattles : 2

Reg Name: HARP Trish 1

Reg#: AKPR 13037

Date of Birth 7/13/2019


Sire: Barton Hill Tutaki 81 -- Darrowby

Dam: Barton Hill Trish XIII -- Freya


Color: Ginger 

Wattles : 0

Reg Name: HVF Kereopa 1

Reg#: AKPR 8284

Date of Birth 5/24/2018


Sire: CH USA Mahia Love 25 -- Kingsley

Dam: CAM Kereopa 4 -- Margie Mae


Color: Brown/ White

Wattles : 0

Reg Name: DDC Momona 3

Reg#: AKPR 14524

Date of Birth 9/30/2019


Sire: USA Tonganui 20 -- Tuxedo

Dam: BBK Momona 1 -- Cindy



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