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Non-refundable deposit of $250 per animal.

Nothing will be marked SOLD until a deposit is received.

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We are proud to raise registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

We do not raise bottle babies so our goat kids will be ready for their new homes when they are 8 weeks old and weaned from their mother. 

Wether kids are sold unregistered and will leave our farm as bucks. It is best to band (castrate) them when they are 16 weeks old.

Buyer is responsible for all transport costs. 

**The breeder reserves the first right to retain any kid born.

**The breeder reserves the right to change any breeding plan at any time.

**The breeder may terminate any sale at anytime with a full refund of amount already paid.

Kids are to be picked up/transported to their new homes by 8-10 weeks of age. If this is not done by 10 weeks old, a $2 a day charge will be added.  If you are purchasing multiple kids and they are to be born at different times.  I will CONSIDER, but will not promise holding your kids until all can be transported together. 

Adult goats need to be picked up within the month they are purchased or a $2 a day charge will be added.

If goats sold are not picked up after 60 days of the date they are available to leave the farm, the amount paid will be forfeited and the animal will be available for sale again.

*Height of your animal is not guaranteed.

*Scur horns are possible and not guaranteed against.

*Health of the animal sold is not guaranteed after it leaves our property. It then becomes the buyer’s responsibility.  REPLACEMENTS will be made, when medical proof is given of a genetic problem. The replacement will come in the form of another kid either from that year or the next year’s kidding season. Examples of genetic problems are, but not limited to, extra teats or sterility. There is no monetary refund.

Updated 5/26/21



Adult Buck 


Calvary *B

calvalry 1-10-19.jpg

Color: Gold with little white, moonspots

Eyes: Brown

Reg Name: Sinai Thunder O Calvary *B 

Reg#: ADGA D1956701   *DNA*    

AGS: D93855 

DOB: 3-31-18



       GrSire: Cedar View Josephus +*B  +EV85

Sire: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B  VEV88

       GrDam: SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M  EEEE91

        GrSire: SG Rosasharn MR General +*B  VVE89

Dam: Helmstead Minis GB Melee  1*M  VEEE90

        GrDam: Olson Acres Princess Wolfgang  +EE+85


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