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Goats For Sale

Build your own herd today!

We are proud to raise registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Dairy Goats.

We do not raise bottle babies so our goat kids will be ready for their new homes when they are 8 weeks old and weaned from their mother. 

Wether kids are sold unregistered and will leave our farm as bucks. It is best to band (castrate) them when they are 16 weeks old.

Buyer is responsible for all transport costs. 

**The breeder reserves the first right to retain any kid born.

**The breeder reserves the right to change any breeding plan at any time.

**The breeder may terminate any sale at anytime with a full refund of amount already paid.

Adult goats need to be picked up within 45 days of when they are purchased or a $2 a day charge will be added. If goats sold are not picked up after 60 days of the date they are available to leave the farm, the amount paid will be forfeited and the animal will be available for sale again.

*Height of your animal is not guaranteed.

*Scur horns are possible and not guaranteed against.

*Health of the animal sold is not guaranteed after it leaves our property. It then becomes the buyer’s responsibility.  REPLACEMENTS will be made, when medical proof is given of a genetic problem. The replacement will come in the form of another kid either from that year or the next year’s kidding season.  There is no monetary refund.

Non-refundable deposit of $100.00 per animal.
Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is received.
Paypal, Venmo or Personal Check are accepted for the deposit.
An animal must be paid in full before it can leave the farm. If using a personal check for the balance, allow 10 days for it to clear the bank. 

Switching from Nigerian Dwarf to Nubians
Buy 4 or more and they are $200 each
Updated 3/23/23


DuckDawg Creek ROR Carefree

ADGA Reg#: PD2158839

Birth Date : 2-11-21

Color: Black, Frosted ears, nose

carefree 12-1-22.jpg


        GrSire: Dill's PL Patron *B

Sire: Zanzabeez River On The Rocks

        GrDam: Zanzabeez BC At The River's End

        GrSire: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei ++*B

Dam: Sinai Thunder Evening Primrose 2*M

        GrDam: Caprakoza SG Guns N Roses 1*M

Great young doe with a great pedigree. Can be a little stand-offish at times and other times, she is in your pocket. 

Duckdawg Creek S Fairytale

ADGA Reg#: PD2232911

Birth Date : 4-19-22

Color: Cou Clair, moonspots


        GrSire: Sand Stone Ridge The Aviator *B

Sire: Rivendell's AV Sandor

        GrDam: Gabhran Creek Shelby

        GrSire: Leisure Time TW Moonwalker *B

Dam: Stayawhile MW Old Irish Story

        GrDam: SG The TMS Bedtime Story 1*M

story doeling 2022.jpg

DuckDawg Creek J Vega

ADGA Reg#: PD223886

Birth Date : 4-3-22

Color: Buckskin, Moonspots, Blue Eyes



        GrSire: Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn

Sire: Rivendells TQ Jorah

        GrDam: Sweet Syringa's LL Jazzy Java

        GrSire: Castle Rock Saraband *B

Dam: DuckDawg Creek Bambi

        GrDam: Rosasharn PLW Anglina Balerina

DuckDawg Creek J Candy

streusel doeling 2022.jpg

ADGA Reg#: PD2232888

Birth Date : 4-10-22

Color: Chamoisee, Moonspots


        GrSire: Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn

Sire: Rivendells TQ Jorah

        GrDam: Sweet Syringa's LL Jazzy Java

        GrSire: Flat Rock Sir Perceval

Dam: DuckDawg Creek Streusel

        GrDam: CBF KS Building A Dream

JLT  Farms GB Elvira

ADGA Reg#: PN2256492 

Birth Date : 3-01-22

Color: Black Roan, Frosted Ears


G6S - N/G (Carrier)

elvira 10-9-22.jpg


        GrSire: Goldthwaite Talisman

Sire: Sugar Dream Acres Garth Brooks

        GrDam: Sugar Dream Acres Paris

        GrSire: KECMR Chase Perfection

Dam: SpottedDairyAir Kelly Pickler

        GrDam: Black Mesa Precious Obsidian

JLT Farms H Tiny Dancer

ADGA Reg#: PN2256632 

Birth Date : 3-6-22

Color: Black, White Belt, Solid Ears


G6S - N/N (Normal)



        GrSire: Goldthwaite Almanzo

Sire: Sugar Dream Acres Hank

        GrDam: Goldthwaite Misha

        GrSire: Arcangel Farm Sampson

Dam: Arcangel Farm Elara

        GrDam: Goddard Farm Elizabeth

Nubian Buck

Martini 10-9-22.jpg

Color: Black Pinto, Red Trim, Moonspots

Eyes: Brown

Reg Name: The Liltumbleweed Martini

Reg#: ADGA  PN2239110

DOB: 3-10-21



       GrSire: SG Kastdemur's Rhythm Of The Night +*B

Sire: O-So-Nice Sambuca *B

       GrDam: Engylskye Forever Nanaimo 5*M

        GrSire: Lil Tumbleweed Java Jo

Dam: Lil Tumbleweed Sangria

        GrDam: Lil Tumbleweed Appletini

Nice young buck. Easy to catch and walks beautifully on a lead. Easy to work with

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