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Because we have such great cows, we occasionally have great bulls. We usually do not keep calves as bulls but may have 1 or 2 exceptional bull calves available per year. If you are looking for a bull calf, please "place your order" so we can raise a perfect one for your situation. Jersey bulls are not for everyone and we won't keep one around over 2 yrs old as they are THE most dangerous of all the breeds as bulls. They are wonderful to use on first calf beef heifers. Their calving ease is legendary, they will add milk and beautiful udders on their heifer calves and jersey meat is known to be extremely tender and sweet.


Zipper    A2/A2

zipper 7-21.jpg

Breeding all cows/heifers from 4/2021 to current

Covington Case Jameson - PP

AJCA Reg#:  840003202129312

Birth Date: 7/18/2020

Butterfat Percentage: +.04


Homozygous polled so all his offspring will be polled (no horns)


        GrSire: Kash In Santana- P-ET

Sire: Dutch Hollow Santana Case - PP - ET

        GrDam: Dutch Hollow Irwin Cassidy - P-ET

        GrSire: Tog Zorro-PP-ET

Dam: Covington Zorro Jamie- P

        GrDam: Covington Allstar Jeanie