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Sales Agreement

We strive to provide our animals with the best environment that we can and so we are very careful about the animals that we introduce to our farm. 

We maintain the right to keep any offspring at any time from any pairing regardless of whether there is a deposit placed or not.

The buyer is responsible for payment of the following:​

  • Cost of any extra blood tests that your state may require

  • Shipping. We will not ship by air except in highly unusual situations. All animals must be transported by ground.

  • Kennels for goats or pigs.

A $250 non-refundable deposit will secure the reservation. We recommend that you make several choices if you are reserving unborn kids or piglets.

If you want something special such as eye color or coat color, we will take reservations for that as well.

Sales are not final until the buyer has paid in full. 

We reserve the right to retain any reserved animal for any reason, at anytime until the animal is paid in full.  

If we decide to retain an animal, all payments will be refunded.

All animals must be paid for in full before leaving the farm.

We sell animals that are healthy and sound at the time of transfer. We cannot guarantee that they will mature as you or we would expect. We cannot guarantee their mature conformation, stature, udder attachment, show ability, quality of their offspring, etc. There are many factors involved in the development of an animal including life-long management (feeding, health care maintenance, parasite control, housing, breeding, stress, etc). We cannot take responsibility for how an animal that you purchased from us ultimately matures.

We do not guarantee that a purchaser will like an animal they purchase from us. An animal represents a genetic package. We are not under obligation to take any animal back once it has left the property. If a buyer wants to see an animal before purchase, that’s wonderful. We encourage people to visit the farm and choose the animal for themselves. For long-distance purchases we will do our best to realistically represent the animal with photos and descriptions. All sales are final.

Building A Herd

Ideally, purchases a full grown animal with mature offspring to judge is the best but this is rarely possible. We are selling genetic potential. The animals we sell represent more than the animal you purchase. It represents our research and our particular direction that we feel is the best for our purposes. We are striving to raise animals that are free to thrive on pasture, have high quality of life that results from living the way nature intended. We also like "pretty" so color, conformation and temperament is HUGE with us.  

There is no telling how our genetic packages will blend with yours. Occasionally we sell mature animals after they have produced offspring. Obviously this is the most risk-free purchase…but still, there is no way to predict how these genes will blend with their chosen mates. Every breeding is a gamble. Sometimes genes from two outstanding lines do not blend favorably. This is a chance you take. In addition, building a herd type takes time.

We have purchased expensive animals sight unseen. Some times we’ve won and some times we’ve lost.  We cull very hard for temperament and not as hard for conformation. We like "show quality" conformation as much as the next person but we feel that temperament trumps everything. 

If we sell breeding stock that proves to be infertile (with a detailed report provided to us by a veterinarian for verification) we feel an obligation to replace it with our choice of something comparable, depending on availability. 

Because we are so careful about disease , we cannot accept any animals sold to be returned to us. We will honor the refund/replacement agreement as listed above for the circumstance but we cannot take any animal back to our farm once it has left the premises due to bio-security reasons.

Veterinary Examination and Tests


A purchaser has the right to a full veterinary examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased as well as any tests.  We are not responsible for the health of any animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves the farm, under most circumstances. Should we be presented with a Vet’s official statement that the animal in question had a congenital, or another underlying condition prior to transfer, we will do what we can to reach a satisfactory outcome for all parties. We will not claim responsibility for illness, damage or death as a result of shipping. Accidents happen.

If you would like to reserve an unborn kid, piglet or calf, we expect a non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold your place on our list. 

We accept cash, check, and cash-funded PayPal. Any fees assessed on any payment are the responsibility of the purchaser. To avoid being charged any PayPal fees, please use a bank account or PayPal balance as your funding source.

All animals must be paid in full before they are allowed to leave the farm. All expenses (including board, vet and shipping) must be paid before an animal is shipped.

We reserve the right to keep any animal for any reason at any time. If we do, we send your money back - or you can pick a comparable animal, your choice.


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