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Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 per animal.
Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is received.
Paypal, Venmo or Personal Check are accepted for the deposit.
An animal must be paid in full before it can leave the farm. If using a personal check for the balance, allow 10 days for it to clear the bank. 

Buyer is responsible for all transport costs. 

**The breeder may terminate any sale at anytime with a full refund of amount already paid.

** Any Jersey that has been "sold" will need to be picked up within 45 days of the deposit being place. A $10 per day for animals 1 year or younger or $20 per day for any animal over 1 year will apply until the animal is picked up.


If Jerseys sold are not picked up after 60 days of the date agreed upon to leave the farm, the amount paid will be forfeited and the animal will be available for sale again.

*Scur horns are possible and not guaranteed against.

*Health of the animal sold is not guaranteed after it leaves our property. It then becomes the buyer’s responsibility.  REPLACEMENTS will be made, when medical proof is given of a genetic problem. The replacement will come in the form of a different heifer.  There is no monetary refund

Updated  3/18/2023
Butterfat Percentage (%) is based on DNA genomic testing
0.0 % is starting spot for the "typical, average" Jersey cow.
We HIGHLY recommend Lippert Family Farm Custom Livestock Hauling for transport of our 
Text (703) 595-5405 to get a quote from them.
We have used them many times! 
All prices include the CVI - Health Certificate.
A deposit of $250.00 is due to hold an animal.
All animals must be picked up within 45 days of the deposit being placed unless arrangements have been made. 

Pasture RAISED

To Ensure the Best Herd!

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