We are proud to raise registered purebred Jerseys.

Only with purebreds can you have predictable traits.

We don't believe in "Minis" which are crossed with many other breeds.

You should be able to trace back at least 5 generations to determine that you have a purebred Jersey. 


All of our girls are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and DNA/genomic tested and are 100% Jersey blood. We focus our breeding program on great temperaments coupled with high butterfat and once a day milking.

All of our girls get to raise their own calves, they are only milked once a day and they spend 100% of their day on 160 acres of native grass pasture with no grain in their diets.

We have A2/A2 results on our entire herd.

We provide the Health Certificate but any health testing is $100 -$150 depending on the tests requested and is done at the cost of the buyer prior to purchase.

Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 per animal

Nothing will be marked SOLD until a deposit is received.

Paypal address for deposit: 

Updated  7/12/2020

Butterfat Percentage (%) is based on DNA genomic testing

0.0 % is starting spot for the "typical, average" Jersey cow.

We HIGHLY recommend Lippert Family Farm Custom Livestock Hauling for transport of our Jerseys.

Text (703) 595-5405 to get a quote from them.

We have used them many times! 

All heifers/cows are bred to this bull


Bull --               A1/A2

Sunset Canyon 838 - ET

AJCA Reg#:  173345272

Birth Date: 5/3/2018

Butterfat Percentage: +.32


        GrSire: ISDK DJ LiX

Sire: ISDK Golden GDK Vivaldi

        GrDam: DJ Impuls Violet-ET 

        GrSire: Mainstream Iatola Sparky

Dam: Cal-Mart Sparky Baba 6975  92%

        GrDam: Cal-Mart Maddix Betty 3450  84%


SOLD to Darrell J.

BRED   HEIFER                   A1/A2

Duckdawg Misty Morning

+0.01% Butterfat

Birth Date 03/30/2019             

AJCA Reg # 173843994

For Sale: $1500 

Due to calve in September/October 


SOLD to Kayte L.

BRED   HEIFER                   A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Disco Golden 3510

+0.04% Butterfat

Birth Date 04/29/2019             

AJCA Reg # 067493510

For Sale: $1800 

Cranberry is a beautiful young heifer. She will calve March/April 2021


BRED   HEIFER                   A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Vicery A Maid 3537

-0.04% Butterfat

Birth Date 05/28/2019             

AJCA Reg # 067493537

For Sale: $1500 

Jade is a sweet young heifer... due to calve in Spring 2021


BRED   HEIFER                   A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Vcry DR Daffy 3544

-0.03% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/5/2019             

AJCA Reg # 067493544

For Sale: $1800 

CherryPie is a great young heifer. Due to calve in Spring 2021


BRED   HEIFER                   A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Dsco C Nadine 3561

-0.04% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/18/2019             

AJCA Reg # 067493561

For Sale: $1500 

Flower is a darling heifer who is growing her hair back from a pretty good case of ring worm over the winter... she was dehorned but will have some small scur horns. Due to calve in Spring 2021


BRED   HEIFER                   A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Dsco R Anthem 3566

+0.06% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/20/2019             

AJCA Reg # 067493566

For Sale: $1500 

Frankie is a sweet young heifer due to calve in Spring 2021


BRED   HEIFER                   A1/A1

Sunset Canyon Disco M Dixie 3568

+0.15% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/23/2019             

AJCA Reg # 067493568

For Sale: $1500 

PunkinPie is a sweet young heifer with high butterfat percentage... if you want lots of cream, she's your girl! Due to calve in Spring 2021. Super friendly personality too. 


BRED   COW                   A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Rockstar Verena

-0.05% Butterfat

Birth Date 04/06/2018            

AJCA Reg # 173315815

For Sale: $2500 

Stunning young cow... due in the Spring of 2021 with her 2nd calf. 


SOLD to Craig A.

BRED   HEIFER                  A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Dzlr M Anthem 3536

+0.11% Butterfat

Birth Date 05/27/2019           

AJCA Reg # 067493536

For Sale: $1800 

Nice young heifer with higher butterfat. Due to calve in Spring 2021


BRED   HEIFER                  A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Vicry M Dixie 3541

+0.16% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/1/2019           

AJCA Reg # 067493541

For Sale: $1800 

Nice young heifer with higher butterfat. Due to calve in Spring 2021


BRED   HEIFER                  A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Viceroy A Maid 357

+0.09% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/30/2019           

AJCA Reg # 067493577

For Sale: $1500 

Nice young heifer that is just growing out her hair from a good case of ring worm this winter. Due to calve in Spring 2021


OPEN  HEIFER                  A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Disco Daffy 3692

+0.10% Butterfat

Birth Date 12/24/2019           

AJCA Reg # 173973220

For Sale: $1200 

Great young heifer.


OPEN  HEIFER                  A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Mckenzie Samy 3615

+0.19% Butterfat

Birth Date 08/26/2019           

AJCA Reg # 173972809

For Sale: $1200 

Great young heifer.


SOLD to Tonya F.

BRED  HEIFER                  A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Mako M Daffy 3567

+0.15% Butterfat

Birth Date 06/21/2019           

AJCA Reg # 0674935

For Sale: $2000 

Super nice heifer, high butterfat, A2/A2. Will make a great family milk cow! Due to calve in Spring 2021

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