We are proud to raise registered purebred Jerseys.

Only with purebreds can you have predictable traits.

We don't believe in "Minis" which are crossed with many other breeds.

You should be able to trace back at least 5 generations to determine that you have a purebred Jersey. 


All of our girls are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and DNA/genomic tested and are 100% Jersey blood. We focus our breeding program on great temperaments coupled with high butterfat and once a day milking.

All of our girls get to raise their own calves, they are only milked once a day and they spend 100% of their day on 160 acres of native grass pasture with no grain in their diets.

We have A2/A2 results on our entire herd.

We provide the Health Certificate (CVI) and the TB test. All other health testing runs between

 $200 -$300 depending on the tests requested. All tests must be paid for by the buyer before the blood will be sent off and a deposit must be placed on a specific animal. The deposit on the animal will be refunded if and only if, any test result comes back "positive." The fee for the tests will NOT be refunded no matter what the results are. Be aware that it can take 2-4 weeks before results are back depending on which tests are requested. 

Heifers and cows have been with the bull for various amounts of time, we know breeding dates on many of them, however we do not guarantee any animal to be pregnant. If you want us to pregnancy test a heifer/cow, we are happy to do that but again, it will be done at our convenience. We will either test for pregnancy via blood test or palpation.

Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 per animal.

Nothing is considered SOLD until a deposit is received.

Paypal or Personal Check are accepted.

An animal must be paid in full before it can leave the farm.

Buyer is responsible for all transport costs. 

**The breeder may terminate any sale at anytime with a full refund of amount already paid.

** The breeder and the buyer will come to an agreement on the date the animal will leave the farm.

 If the animal is still not picked up by the date agreed upon then a $2 a day charge will be added for a maximum of 60 days past the agreed upon date.

If Jerseys sold are not picked up after 60 days of the date agreed upon to leave the farm, the amount paid will be forfeited and the animal will be available for sale again.

*Scur horns are possible and not guaranteed against.

*Health of the animal sold is not guaranteed after it leaves our property. It then becomes the buyer’s responsibility.  REPLACEMENTS will be made, when medical proof is given of a genetic problem. The replacement will come in the form of a different heifer.  There is no monetary refund

Updated  4/16/2021

Butterfat Percentage (%) is based on DNA genomic testing

0.0 % is starting spot for the "typical, average" Jersey cow.

We HIGHLY recommend Lippert Family Farm Custom Livestock Hauling for transport of our Jerseys.

Text (703) 595-5405 to get a quote from them.

We have used them many times! 


BRED COW                   A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Rite Belle 3221

+0.33% Butterfat

For Sale: $2500 

BoPeep will be a 2nd lactation cow this spring. Bred to an A1/A2 very high butterfat bull and due late spring. She has a small horn scur on her right side.

Sunset Canyon Rite Belle 3221

AJCA Reg#:  173406788

Birth Date: 6/20/2018

Butterfat Percentage: +.33


        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Dimension-ET

Sire: Sunset Canyon Maid Rite -ET

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Dominican Imp Maid 

        GrSire: KCJF Molly's Ben Motion

Dam: Sunset Canyon Motion  C DC Belle

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Centurion DC Belle


BRED HEIFER                   A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Mako Amity 3717

+0.10% Butterfat

Birth Date 2/25/2020             

AJCA Reg # 174026547

For Sale: $2000 

Zumba is a sweet heifer that is in with the bull right now... Due to calve in late 2021


        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Dimension-ET

Sire: Sunset Canyon Mako-ET

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Valen L Maid  

        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Memphis

Dam: Sunset Canyon Memphis Amity 3125

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Maximum Amity


HEIFER Calf                   A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Brexit Dahlia 3835

+0.10% Butterfat

Birth Date 8/2/2020             

AJCA Reg # 174109200

For Sale: $1500 


        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Dazzler-ET

Sire: Sunset Canyon Brexit 

        GrDam: Cal-Mart Sparky Baba 6975

        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Andreas

Dam: Sunset Canyon Andrea Dahlia 3032

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Sparky Dahlia 445-ET


HEIFER Calf                      A1/A2

Sunset Canyon Brexit Darla 3832

+0.22% Butterfat

Birth Date 08/1/2020           

AJCA Reg # 174109189

For Sale: $1500 


        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Dazzler-ET

Sire: Sunset Canyon Brexit 

        GrDam: Cal-Mart Sparky Baba 6975

        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Anthems Allstar

Dam: Sunset Canyon Allstar Perf Darla

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Perform M Darla


HEIFER Calf                   A2/A2

Sunset Canyon Brexit Daffy 3834

+0.10% Butterfat

Birth Date 08/2/2020           

AJCA Reg # 174109198

For Sale: $1800 


        GrSire: Sunset Canyon Dazzler-ET

Sire: Sunset Canyon Brexit 

        GrDam: Cal-Mart Sparky Baba 6975

        GrSire: All Lynns Legal Volcano-ET

Dam: Sunset Canyon Volcano M Daffy

        GrDam: Sunset Canyon Maximum Daffy-ET

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