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New Owners


Jersey cows are unlike any other cow I have ever been around. They are docile, sweet, easy-going, and slow moving. Older cows that have been milked before are usually easier for new owners to learn with as the older cows "know what to do" and are sooooooo patient. The younger, first time calvers, are a little more complex to work with as they have never been milked, have never had a calf so you have to help "teach" them the manners they need to milk correctly. I do not usually recommend a first time heifer for a new dairy cow owner. We will work together to select the perfect type of girl for your needs.

All cows have individual personalities and some are spoiled, some are work horses, and some are prima donnas... they are all fabulous. I really encourage buyers to come and meet the animals being considered prior to making a purchase as many times, the cow you buy is not the one you had picked out from the pictures.

Registration Papers


I register and genomic test ALL my heifer and bull calves so when you buy an animal from me you will receive all the paperwork for that same animal at time of purchase as well as any breeding information as the resulting calf will be able to be registered as a purebred. If any paperwork in pending, it will be forwarded to you when I receive it. I also test for A2.

Herd Health


I feel we have a wonderful balance for our health program here. We do what is best for the animals. All the calves receive the vaccine, Inforce 3 when they are 1 day old and receive Once PMH at 1 week old. We then vaccinate with Vista Once when we BANGS (Brucellosis) vaccinate our heifer calves. They must be at least 4 months old before we can BANGS vaccinate. 

We believe that vaccinations for our calves are much like childhood vaccines in human. It helps the calves with the "big" disease threats. We try to be as natural as possible but we will not expose our animals to known threats without protection and we will treat any sick animals with conventional, western medicine. We do not medicate needlessly as we like our calves to develop a strong immune system but again, we will never subject our animals to cruelty by denying medical treatment. If we were classified as Organic, all western medicine would be disallowed. Many people believe that Organic is better but unfortunately they do not understand that animals can suffer for long periods during an illness due to the Organic limitation of not being able to provide any medication at all and still be considered Organic. 



Shipping can be really stressful or it can be no big deal. Dairy cattle are, by nature, sweet and easy going and usually load easier than a horse. The condition of your trailer will help with the transition. Any type of stock trailer will be perfect. Some straw or wood chips on the floor of the trailer helps with their footing and their sense of security. It doesn't need to be thick...just a small coating will really help your new cow travel well. Transport is the responsibility of the buyer but I might be able to help locate a trucker if you need trucking. Don't be surprised if your new cow doesn't milk as much on her first night home, many will "shut down" the milk production for a day or so due to the stress of moving, the new home and all the change in routine (feed, water, people, etc.).


Each state has different rules for cattle coming into their state. It is our responsiblity to contact your state to determine what the import requirements are. We will pay for testing for Brucellosis, Tuburculosis (TB) and for the veterinary Certificate of Health to be issued for each traveling animal.


Any testing above and beyond Brucellosis and TB will be the expense of the buyer. The additional testing will need to be paid for before the tests are performed. If the tests come back as unsatisfactory, the buyer will not be required to purchase the animal, however the testing expenses will not be reimbursed.  Testing can take from 2-3 weeks depending on what tests you select. At a minimum, the TB test takes at least 72 hours to complete and Brucellosis test takes almost 7 days so account for that in your shipping schedule.

Pasture RAISED

To Ensure the Best Herd!

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