Raising Heritage Animals for the Homesteader


Updated on 9/18/2022

Whether you are are homesteader, part of the Slow Food Movement or just trying to do your part to raise animals humanely and know where your food comes from.

We raise purebred Jerseys that are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association and are DNA tested to be 100% pure bred. A true purebred Jersey has predictable traits that make them SO awesome. We are 100% pasture based, grass-fed and focus our breeding on high percent butterfat. We have A2 milk results on our entire herd and our entire herd is also BANGS (Brucellosis) vaccinated and tested Negative for BVD-PI. We milk once a day, leave the calves with their mothers 100% and focus on superior temperaments and the ability to thrive on grass only. 

Registered Kunekune Piggies

These little KuneKune pigs are so much fun!

These little heritage pigs are fabulous! They stay small so they are not as intimitaing as commercial pigs. Wonderful pork that can be raised on pasture with NO grain. The other fabulous thing is they do not root so your pens and pastures are safe and you don't need strong fencing either. 

2nd born of teiplet does.jpg

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats have big dairy potential in cute little bodies!

These little goats are amazing. Not much bigger than a Labrador, they are easy to work with, easy to contain, easy to milk, come in a rainbow of colors and OH SO friendly! Perfect additions to the homestead. All of ours are registered with the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) 

Milk Soap
Body Butter

We hand-craft fresh cream soap here on the farm as well.

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2nd born of teiplet does
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